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Welcome to HSMusic_ !

More like home of DNF

Welcome to HSMusic_, the natural environment of the artist DNF.

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bandcamp Free Downloads https://hsmusic.fr/bandcamp
soundcloud Latest Releases https://hsmusic.fr/soundcloud
youtube Music Videos https://hsmusic.fr/youtube
spotify Spotify https://hsmusic.fr/spotify
applemusic Apple Music https://hsmusic.fr/applemusic
deezer Deezer https://hsmusic.fr/deezer
ytmusic Youtube Music https://hsmusic.fr/ytmusic
twitter Twitter https://hsmusic.fr/twitter
instagram Instagram https://hsmusic.fr/instagram
facebook Facebook https://hsmusic.fr/facebook

You can download all of my tracks for free & in high quality on my Bandcamp page : https://hsmusic.fr/bandcamp

If you know of a place where I’m featured & it’s not linked here, please contact me so that I can update the list :-)

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DNF is an EDM (a-hem) writer & producer, inspired by various genres throughout his years of listening.
Expect a handful of music genres - Liquid(ish) DnB, French Dub (more or less), Techno-derived music & Happy Hardcore (boom boom) 🎶

I put up a new track every month, on the first Thursday 🗓️ 🎵


Find out my latest news here or on twitter or even on instagram!

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