I remastered my older tracks

What’s up?

I realized during the previous weeks that I really had an issue with the volume level of my older tracks ;
They’re just not loud enough (weird, hey?), and this really bothered me.

Which is why I’ve taken the time to remaster them !
My goal was to get them to have an average loudness a little bit above -14 LUFS (which is, roughly speaking, the loudness standard for most streaming services) ;
I actually settled between -13.5 & -13 LUFS for most of them, so that’s a little bit louder, but not by much.

I’ve also done what needs to be done for the new versions to be uploaded to the major streaming services, but it’ll take a few days (weeks? Let’s hope not) before everything’s back to “normal” - at the moment, some tracks are displayed twice on the platforms, and that should be taken care of soon.

I’ve also continued working on my next track(s), so I hope you’ll all be ready for the next release, which is due on February 2nd!

In the meantime, take care & have fun!

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