Waky waky, it's morning already!


I've been a bit caught up in work & projects in the last few weeks, and I completely missed last month's update! Sorry about that - however, the track is still available (of course), so you should be able to find it pretty easily (try the tracks page, for example) ;-)

But this month has also its own release (of course), and this time it's some light D&B to chill a little bit in the morning! It's available on SoundCloud and on Youtube -

And, of course, you can always download this track (along with all my other tracks) in high-quality here on BandCamp!

And now, the big reveal: I've got a new tune, that I made with a very good friend of mine (Taya, you might know her, but I actually kinda doubt it - lovely voice, you really need to check this out) that is going to be released on all major platforms very soon!
Mark the date, August the 14th will be fire
I'll try and link to it as much as I can, I don't think I have a pre-save link yet, but it'll be on all the usual suspects, so you'll be able to get to it using the links on the homepage ;-)

This is, like, a legit release, sponsored by an actual label company, and everything, and I'm so excited I think I've shot past the usual post lenght at least 4 or 5 times already (^_/^)
So yeah, be sure to check it out, I'll link to it in Twitter (whaddaya mean, it's not called like that anymore?), Facebook, Instagram, everywhere!!!

Stay tuned, and don't miss the date!

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