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New EP out!

Yo, it's been a while!

I've got kinda caught up lately, but I haven't been slacking! I proudly present to you all my latest three tracks, reunited in an EP :-)

I had quiet a lot of fun with the inspirations this time, I hope you like it! It's available on SoundCloud and on You...

Will you get through the night?


It's been a while! I've been working hard, made some breakthroughs, participated in some side projects... But I haven't forgotten you guys (and gals)!

This month, I'm featuring a rough night with some not-so-heavy D&B, lots of synths, and rhythms galore!...

Waky waky, it's morning already!


I've been a bit caught up in work & projects in the last few weeks, and I completely missed last month's update! Sorry about that - however, the track is still available (of course), so you should be able to find it pretty easily (try the tracks page, for...

Have some chill Hip-Hop


Nothing much to announce (yet), this month's track is some space-y instrumental hip-hop.

It's available on SoundCloud and on Youtube -

And, of course, you can always download this track (along with all my other tracks) in high-quality here on BandCamp!


Some minimalist-ish Techno!


Everything is going well, my new track is out, it's some low-key techno with an emphasis on the sound design and the groove :-)

You will find it here on SoundCloud or on Youtube -

As usual, you can download this track (along with all my other tracks) i...

New Dub Track


It's been a while, and even though the track actually got published right on time, I'm only now posting this news item <["^_^]/

So, yeah, have a look at my latest track on SoundCloud or on Youtube -

Remember, you can always download this track (along with all my othe...

More Drum & Bass!


This month's release is another track of DnB!

I had gotten carried away when composing Outer Reef, and I wanted to conitnue on my roll with this one.
In retrospect, it might have been an error, given the trouble I had to mix & master it, but now it's done and I don't...

New logo!

In the last few weeks I’ve been playing a bit with some Stable Diffusion models (AI-powered image generations), and I got really impressed with what I could obtain, even only using my home computer -

So I wanted to try and see if I could make a new logo using this newfound power - it...

Would you like some Liquid ?


This month's release is some Liquid(-ish?) DnB, fresh from the oven!

I went with a space-y vibe on this one, but couldn't get this underwater feeling out of my work, so I embraced it :-)

You can check it out on SoundCloud or on Youtube, and you can al...

I remastered my older tracks

What's up?

I realized during the previous weeks that I really had an issue with the volume level of my older tracks ;
They're just not loud enough (weird, hey?), and this really bothered me.

Which is why I've taken the time to remaster them !
My goal was to g...

New year, new track, new genre!


Even though I never got around to post the news here, I DID put up a track on December - if you haven't checked it out yet, have a look at it here:

But this was not the topic of today - today is an even newer release! I've w...

New track out!

Okay, the ball is rolling as it should.

I've put up my latest track (November's release) on SoundCloud & on YouTube ;

I'm also working on a sticker design, because "shameless promotion" and all that :-)
If I'm able to, I'd also like to try and put up a merch store, I'd l...

And it began!

I’ve just put up the website, as fast as I could - it’s quite okay, I think.

Right now I’ve put up 3 pages :

I plan to add a Contact page, and I’ll just update this section with new releases & we...