New year, new track, new genre!


Even though I never got around to post the news here, I DID put up a track on December - if you haven’t checked it out yet, have a look at it here:

But this was not the topic of today - today is an even newer release! I’ve wanted to work on some chillhop / lo-fi track for a while, and I put together this track that I’m pretty happy to get out in the wild:

I actually hope you’ll like it, I had quite some fun in mixing it ; it’s also my loudest track to date, funnily enough :-)
Don’t worry though - it’s not LOUD loud, I just somehow comprehend the whole mixing & mastering stage more now, and I got the track up to -14dB on average - which is more or less what Spotify expects as a default loudness.

If I get around to it I’d like to “re-master” my older tracks quickly, to get them up to this level ; but I also need to get working on new projects!
I’d like to tackle on some DnB in the next few weeks, we’ll see how that goes :-)

Also, I’ve been working on some aural training for a few weeks now - I’ve kept a log of my progress, but I’m keeping it private for now.

Have fun !

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